Martine Villelongue, Head of Lyon Fashion University, at the Maison d’Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)

“The uniqueness of the Lyon Fashion University is that it is the only university track that trains students in different careers within fashion. We have one module, which for me is very important and which I personally teach, that approaches the culture of fashion: its history, craftsmanship, know-how and industries, including textiles. And it is in this respect that I was particularly interested by Maison d’Exceptions. It presents a level of quality that is linked to history and, in certain cases, a quality using processes and know-how of the highest technical quality and innovation.

And quality does not necessarily mean luxury. There is industrial quality – of course there is artisanal quality and it is easy for us all to be touched by this type of quality which is by definition unique. But we do not only teach about luxury. We speak of luxury in our lessons but we teach fashion in its broadest sense. Quality can manifest in print scarcity, for example, which exists in an industrial context of grand distribution, and that is interesting.”