Mariane Sornin-Léger tells about her collaboration with a cabinetmaker, who helped her develop an expertise in textile marquetry.

“I received the Prix Artinov because I developed a technique that makes it possible to embed soft materials into woodwork. I incrust both feather and silk, as well as tobacco leaf and other materials that do not usually make an appearance in marquetry. This award was given to me to commemorate innovation in the manufacturing process. The target markets are essentially luxury packaging and visual merchandizing, but also haute couture via creations that come to adorn bags and shoes: tassels, jewels, and other accessories and ornaments.
This marquetry technique stems from my research in laser engraving and cutting; at the beginning, my daily challenge in the workshop was to cut various materials without leaving any traces of combustion. Following the development of this expertise, I had the idea to go further and apply my work to inlays. All this was born from a rather unexpected encounter with a cabinetmaker. It took a few months of research, and I am delighted today to be able to showcase this expertise, which requires the know-how of a very traditional trade as well as technological innovation. “