Maiyet, a journey to luxury

Maiyet is a new kind of luxury: a journey to the four corners of the earth, an expedition tracing the best artisans at the edges of the most unexpected regions.
Maiyet emerged from the meeting of two humanists : Paul Van Zyl had spent 20 years in human rights when he met Daniel Lubetzky, a pioneer in the use of entrepreneurialism in the name of peace. With Kristy Caylor who brought them the richness of her experience at Gap (RED) and Band of Outsiders, Paul travelled across the five continents, crossed borders, going from city to city meeting the masters of crafts, practicing their talents sometimes in the most distant corners of developing countries.
From this journey, filled with unexpected discoveries, emerged the founding principles and the foundation of Maiyet: the brand offers a timeless and universal luxury via a collection of enlightened designs founded on partnerships with exceptional craftsmen and women. Very quickly, the first prototype arrived from Kenya: a ring made of brass and gold, hand cast. The batiks from Java followed, as well as the wood printed textiles of Jaipur and then the hand woven and threaded cashmere from the Indian sub-continent.
Maiyet will work with no one but the best craftspeople. The brand set up, in partnership with the association Nest, a number of training programmes to improve the quality and the preciousness of its products and to promote stability and prosperity in the communities with which they work.
Habitually combining design, quality, rarity and humanity, each Maijet product holds traces of craftsmanship from the other side of the world, traces of its own history.