Maison Labiche: embroidering simplicity

Maison Labiche, is the result of a friendship between Jenny, a designer, and Marie, a stylist. Lovers of craftsmanship and of all that is handmade, they began their adventure in 2010 with a popular piece of clothing, the t-shirt: far from common, their t-shirt would have a soul and would delight to all that wore it, give beauty, age well, and be all in all a perfect T-shirt. The ordinary made precious by hand stitched embroideries poetically placed over the heart.

For their first collection they took inspiration from their favourite things in culture: famous names from music, literature and cinema adorning white and grey t-shirts. The following year they would add two new collection: “Hands”, embroideries of touching and interlocking fingers, offering symbolic or simply aesthetically pleasing images; and “Cover”, embroidered versions of their favourite album covers.

Housing their precious contemporary designs, their first shop is situated in the heights of that most Parisian of neighbourhoods, Abbesses.