Made in London Jewellery

Contemporary jewellery created by seven London-based designers is on show at the Museum of London. Made in London: Jewellery Now features Jordan Askill, Imogen Belfield, Rachel Boston, Duffy, Husam el Odeh, Noemi Klein and Frances Wadsworth-Jones. The exhibition highlights new creations by local designers, paying a special attention to high-quality craftsmanship and traditional know-how.
Galatica finger gloveGalatica finger glove, Imogen Belfield
Alongside the items of jewellery, visitors can see the creative processes and methods used by the jewellers, and discover new approaches to the traditional craftsmanship of jewellery design. The show allows the visitors to follow the creator’s path from the initial idea to the manual creation of the jewellery item. The final pieces demonstrate the high-quality craftsmanship of the jewellers who are able to translate abstract ideas into innovative design.
The designers work with metals and stones, including silver, gold, diamonds and precious stones. However, their creations break away from traditional designs and often take more humorous and light approaches. A British dry sense of humour is perhaps what unites the various items on show, which are all designed to be “wearable” on a daily basis.
Double ribcage ring by Noemi KleinDouble ribcage ring, Noemi Klein
One of the most interesting aspects of this exhibition is the opportunity to glance at the artists’ studios and to discover the sources of inspiration influencing their creations. Curiously, for many of the designers it is nature – rather than the city or urban life – that provides the most important source of inspiration.
Rachel Boston creates silver rings and ear-cuffs inspired by animal jaws. Noemi Klein is also inspired by nature, but finds her ideas in the rich and decadent world of taxidermy, which is also a source of inspiration for Duffy. Imogen Belfield’s preparatory sketches remind the abstract and asymmetrical form of crystals or corals. Even Frances Wadsworth-Jones found humorous ideas in nature – in the shape of London pigeons’ droppings.
Heaven Sent brooch by Frances Wadsworth-JonesHeaven Sent Brooch, Frances Wadsworth-Jones
As a whole, this exhibition highlights the versatility of ideas and the high-quality of expertise behind the contemporary jewellery. By underlining the artistic creativity of contemporary craftsmanship, the exhibition blurs the divide between art and design.
Cover Photo: Noemie Klein at work on a ring specially designed for the exhibition

Courtesy of Museum of London