Made in Italy Takes to the Digital Highway

Technological fluency and digital know-how are now fundamental requisites for the survival of small- and medium-sized enterprises, who are today forced to invest in the digital, especially if they want to pursue exports.
With this in mind, Google Italy and Unioncamere (The Italian Union of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture) have developed a Memorandum of Understanding with the intent to facilitate the digitization of several Italian industrial districts. From this, with the patronage of the Ministry of Economic Development, “Districts on the Web” aims to enhance the technological competitiveness of small business and contribute to reducing the digital divide between different regions of Italy and different types of economic activity.
The project provides training for twenty undergraduate or graduate students no older than 28 who come to accompany and support small and medium enterprises in different districts, identified by the opportunity for digital growth that they present.
The twenty chosen districts, selected from a survey of 101 within Italy, were chosen based on their orientation towards export, and between them they include several based heavily on textile and garment production. Especially, we are taking about the cashmere district in Perugia, the textile district in Sant’Agata dei Goti-Casapulla (Benevento) and the clothing districts of Salento (Lecce).
This project in collaboration with Google, a first-time supporter of such a project, aims to aid in the modernization and growth of the Italian economy as well as provide a model to replicate in the future in other countries. A concrete contribution to the modernization and digitization of Made in Italy.