Luce Couillet, Textile Laboratory

In her research workshop in Aubervilliers, Luce Couillet develops “made-to-measure” textiles from threads and fibers of all sorts destined for various fields of application: fashion, sport and interior architecture.
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Her tool of choice is the loom and her artisanal approach grants a large palette of exploratory possibilities that use unconventional materials and fibers, which are still difficult to work with in industrial textile contexts. To produce these fabrics, she chooses from a range spanning the classic to the experimental: metals mixed with wool, synthetics with silk, recycled inner tubes woven with mohair, nylon braids ligated by stainless steel.
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Preferring blends and contrasts, Luce Couillet reinterprets material characteristics, playing with brilliance and matte, fineness and volume, to compose refined hybrid weaves with often unexpected touches.
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From February 10-12, 2015, Luce Couillet participates in Maison d’Exceptions, the space at Première Vision dedicated to haute création.
Photo Credits: Luce Couillet