Livia Crispolti, weaving within hand's reach

Playing with warp and weft in search of new textures and unique designs, Livia Crispolti is a Roman textile designer capable of designing and producing marvelous fabrics created by hand on the loom. Livia hand-weaves fabrics of natural and synthetic fibers on eight- or twelve-healded looms, using cotton, linen, wool, silk and viscose yarns produced by Italian textile firms. Thanks to her art historian parents, she grew up in a stimulating environment rich with culture: her passion for fabrics naturally evolved into a livelihood.
In 2007 she opened the “Vetrina Ripetta 133” in the center of Rome, where her creations are on display. The fabrics are often the result of synergistic planning with contemporary artists – such as Elisabetta Catamo and Franco Summa – characterized by nonstop chromatic research.
The result? Splendid scarves of a unique design to be customised by colour; hats of original design harking back to the cloche and fedora; garments such as ties and waistcoats in hyper-colorful wool. All pieces come from a limited production, each time with a totally fresh design.
Livia’s goal is to revive the ancient tradition of weaving by hand and put it in contact with the contemporary world, creating a continuous dialogue and innovation research thanks to new technologies.
La cravatta fa l’uomo
 – The tie makes the man, Livia Crispolti, 2012, Gangemi Editore