Laura Miles, Woven Studio, at the Maison d'Exceptions show 2/2

“My name is Laura Miles and my company is Woven Studio. We specialise in hand weaving fabrics. We like it when our fabrics don’t look woven. We often try to – not hide the fact – but when you weave you have a warp and a weft, but often it’s very like a check, a stripe, a grid, but we like to make it more about the texture and the feel of the fabrics.

Often people, they don’t know what it is until they look at it and they examine it. That’s what we always try to achieve: something unexpected. It’s traditional because it’s hand woven, but we aren’t trying to recreate a classic design. We are trying to make something that – not tricks people – just people question it and they have a closer look to see what it is.”