Laura Miles, Woven Studio, at the Maison d'Exceptions show 1/2

“My name is Laura Miles and my company is Woven Studio. We specialise in hand weaving fabrics. We can weave up to a meter wide and we try to hand weave fabrics that can’t be made industrially. So we weave with feathers, strips of fabrics, leather. At the end of the day, it still have to be wearable. The fabric has to feel nice, so we don’t really use wire. We try to use materials that still feel nice.

We don’t weave very traditional fabrics. We try to weave quite different fabrics. Sometimes, they’re tweeds, but we always try to make something new about it. So maybe there is a new yarn, a different fiber, strange colours. We try to be very untraditional. It’s not so difficult, but we are always trying to show the materials to their best effect. We are trying to use it in a way they can be seen. Sometimes when you weave, materials get hidden within the fabrics. We like to show them off. That’s our signature.”