Kyoji Tamiya, Tamiya Raden, at the Maison d’Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)

We are atelier Tamiya Raden, and we produce fabrics. Our work is characterized by producing threads with natural mother of pearl and then weaving them. We take a thin slice of the mother of pearl that we have extracted from seashells and apply it to a sheet of Washi, a soft yet strong Japanese paper, which gives strength to the thread. Then we cut the sheet into fine strips and use these as the tram in our fabrics. The idea of woven mother of pearl was developed by my father almost 40 years ago and we have mainly produced Obis with this fabric. In the world of kimonos, products are always very classic, whether in the motifs offered or the manner in which we use mother of pearl. To use this fabric for other products, it was necessary to modernize our approach. We have worked a lot on this. For example, we have begun to use other materials besides mother of pearl, such as leather, lacquer and bamboo bark. These are new developments since I joined the company.