Kirsty McDougall, at the Maison d'Exceptions show 1/2

“We’re a small atelier in London, working mainly on woven textile design and development with fashion houses. So we specialize in lots of different woven techniques and the use of new and interesting materials within woven textiles. We produce design developments and then small runs for catwalks and small runs of handwoven production.
I started this ten years ago. I graduated from the Royal College of Art and I specialized in woven textile – dobby woven, Jacquard woven – and since then I’ve worked quite extensively in different ways within the industry. But my real love is in the handmade, working with interesting materials, making our own yarns, our own wefts sometimes, laser cutting, feathers, fur, interesting finishing techniques. That’s where I feel happiest in the textile industry, as creative development of new types of fabrics.”