Jean-Pierre Ollier, embroiderer and textile designer, at the Maison d'Exceptions show 1/2

(English subtitles available)
“My workshop is divided into two sections: there is a part where we first work on the fabric, ie we start from great fabrics which will generally come in plain colors. These fabrics will be painted, discolored, coated, dipped in silicone, and once we have a material that will allow us to express ourselves, we then work from this material that will pass to the second part of the workshop, called the embroidery section but which is more for textile manipulation, where everything is possible as long as the effect is satisfactory and qualitative. The interest of this workshop, and even for our energy, is to be constantly searching. We make ​​four collections per year, at least that’s what we try to stick to because the more customers we have the more difficult it becomes, but in any case, every time we try to go in a new direction or directions that we haven’t yet looked for. That’s to say that we started with fabrics but we never worked with feathers so now we’re working with feathers. I’m greatly influenced by these needs from season to season.”