Ilana Efrati's Silk Garden

Ilana Efrati gives life to her fashion according to a different timeline, one on the sidelines of a climate of excessive production and the dictates of constant reinvention. The designer prefers instead a sense of quality that favors both the sustainable and the perennial.
A textile and clothing designer with Italian-Israeli roots, Ilana launched her eponymous fashion brand in 1985 in Tel Avis. In 2005, she decided to leave her urban studio to live in the Italian countryside, in search of medieval textile dyeing techniques. She now splits her life between Tel Aviv and her Italian village situated in the Umbria region. Country living has profoundly affected Ilana Efrati, compelling her to reflect on her creative practice and giving rise to a genuine ecological awareness of the necessity to respect the environment and develop more responsible modes of production.
In her creations, the beauty of craftsmanship echoes the simplicity of nature. Ilana Efrati was inspired by seasonal cycles to create a prototype series of experimental fabrics entirely hand-dyed and hand-printed. She used natural pigments found in the local plants which surround her in the countryside: the colors came from flowers, leaves, fruits and buds. She then used these dyes in combination with natural fibers such as silk, wool, linen and cotton.
Through this process, she managed to capture in her fabrics the colors of the seasons in a completely natural way, without any synthetic chemical products. These fabrics appear as the metaphorical fingerprints of each plant of her garden at a certain time of the year.
These textile samples were used in order to develop a series of digitally-printed silk fabrics. Ilana Efrati integrated these silks into a unique ready-to-wear collection for women, combining them with unbleached linen and indigo, thus obtaining a fascinating combination of ancestral know-how and contemporary textile technology. As imaginary journeys in distant lands, her garments radiate pure calm. They express a genuine, earthy elegance through luxurious, sustainable clothing.