Hiroko Okusawa, Okujun Ltd at the Maison d'Exceptions show

“Our company itself is 100 years old but our technique is based on a 2000 year-old technique. In 2010, our special technique was inscribed to the UNESCO world heritage centre, particularly the main core suite processes, which is a hand yarn spinning process – a yarn making process – and also ikat making process, plus a weaving process. These core three production processes have all been inscribed by UNESCO. We launched very recently a new technique, which has been modified and defined along the original technique. Instead of just limiting ourselves within the kimono market, and also knowing that the kimono market implies a width of fabric of only 40 cm, we tried to expand our business outside the kimono market and on the international market, and also to extend the width of the fabric as well as define the specification of the fabric. So now we manage to achieve double width – that is 90 cm – which is a major progress from our original technique.”