Hand/Eye Magazine, an eye on the world of craftsmanship

Hand/Eye is a global reaching magazine founded in the US in 2010. Published both as a printed version and online, it has boomed in the digital world. This independent publication explores the connection between culture and commerce, design and craftsmanship, the ethical and the ecological, conception and production – with exclusive reports from around the globe.
The aim of the magazine is to create a platform which will inform, connect cultures and stimulate intelligent debate from all of the players of world design. Certain articles, for example, look at the way in which design has become a tool for developing local populations, notably offering them a regular wage whilst preserving their artisanal heritage.
Hand/Eye devotes itself to telling stories written by specialist contributors, illustrated by experienced photographers, offering a feast for the eyes and a desire to travel.
The online magazine charts textile know-how from all of the world’s regions. We can discover everything from the traditional fabrics of the Quechua tribes of Peru to the indigo dyed cloths of the Malian designer Aboubakar Fofana.
The magazine also concentrates on local cooperatives which are often supported by international co-development associations. These NGOs offer advice on the production and sale of products which use the traditional techniques of dying, weaving or embroidery but also basket weaving, metal work, pottery, cabinet making, bead design…
This inventory of rare craft knowledge and inspiring initiatives is a gold mine for a whole new generation of readers who are passionate about objects, materials and cultures from all over the world; those who have a way of consuming which is much more conscientious and responsible than the norm.
Hand Eye