Geneviève Levivier, A+Z Design, at the Maison d’Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)

“I am a textile designer and the founder and manager of A+Z Design, which is a textile design studio and a production workshop for our own developments. Due to my taste for painting and the plastic arts, as well as my important association with my chemist husband, I began working with polymers. First in a very free manner, quite pictorial, but gradually with more and more technique. Each development has its own technical constraints in terms of lightness, flexibility, bonding tenacity with textiles, and fineness or to the contrary rawness all always favoring a textile of great technicality, which is to say, a textile that respects all of the obvious standards for flexibility, a soft touch, good resistance to aging and UV light, and an ability to be sewn, ironed and dry-cleaned. Exceptionality, as a creator, is found in the marriage of the best of the hand with the best of technology.”