Eric Raisina, a voyage through texture

Eric Raisina’s clothes are invitations to take a unique sensorial journey, inspired by their designer’s voyage which began in Madagascar, where he was born and raised.
He studied fashion in France at the Duperré school, followed by a European Masters at the IFM in 1999. He then multiplied his experiences in the world of couture. Always open to the world, Eric Raisina became a consultant at the National Silk Centre of Siem Reap in Cambodia, before setting up his own textile studio there.
Fascinated by Cambodian craftsmanship and in particular silk work, he set up his workshop to develop materials and weaves which mixed tradition with high expertise.
Eric Raisina
Eric Raisina
Little by little he built up a small group of weavers, embroiders and couturiers to assist him with his research. Recognised for his groundbreaking approach he was commissioned by the companies Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix to develop exclusive fabrics.
Eric Raisina then created his brand and installed his shop-studio in Siem Reap. The materials shape and inspire his clothes.
This indefatigable traveler found a way to be inspired by textile techniques from all over the world and draws on different places for all of the necessary materials for his designs. There is not so much an ethnic detail in his work but a subtle fusion of different influences which create a luxurious, refined fashion with couture detailing.
Eric Raisina
His designs do not play with prints but with the materials themselves. We are transported by the association of textures, the subtleties enriched by embroidery and textile applications and the colouring which oscillates between natural tones and flamboyant saturation.
His passion for fabric becomes most apparent with silk. He explores it in all of his repertory: organza, satin, pongee, he turns it round, plays with it, deconstructs it with lasers, folds and crumples, plays with topstitching or dying effects…
He also demonstrates a love for other natural fibers: raffia, sisal, cotton and linen. The vocabulary of textile ennoblement seems to have been invented for him. Known notably for his silk fur, his raffia lace or one of the classics, a collection of small origami flowers in organza linked together by a crocheted netting, Eric Raisina moulds fabrics to make them even more precious and unique.
Eric Raisina
A cosmopolitan artist-designer without boundaries, he presents his collections of intense femininity as he likes, at New York Fashion week or on the podiums of Dakar, passing by Asia and Europe, moved by the perpetual desire to communicate his emotions via his clothes and fabrics.
Eric Raisina Eric Raisina