Elisabeth Berthon & Chloé Lecoup, Morse Felt at the Maison d'Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)
“One day I was traveling in New Zealand and I discovered felt, I discovered that you could make seamless clothes, just like sculptures, a 3D modeling which is wearable. I was totally blown away and I wanted to get hold of this limitless technique. We work with wool but we mix it with other fabrics like silk, linen, cotton. We also work with fibers that we mix with wool like banana fiber, silk fiber or flax, hemp, bamboo… The possibilities of felt are absolutely endless and today in fashion, we want to find new textures and effects in materials and felt is totally suited to this application. We are very happy to be here at Maison d’Exception because this show lifts felt up to a level of excellence where it really belongs.”