Edward Crutchley, freelance fashion designer, at the Maison d'Exceptions show

“Well I think the importance of craftsmanship is the way that people trained to understand their craft, their métier, so they have an intrinsic understanding of how to achieve things, how things should be done properly. I’ve worked with craftsmen in the past and we’ve worked together to really push their know-how, their savoir-faire, and so the end result has been something that’s both new and exciting, it’s challenging for them to make, but also it’s something that’s really grounded in centuries of tradition. What I like about that is that we’re doing our part to keep these crafts going but at the same time invigorating them with new life. You can’t do that with a huge industrial company; there’s too much concern with regards to vast quantity sales rather than the individual care over one piece of fabric that makes something truly outstanding.”