Daniel Henry, Daniel Henry Studio, at the Maison d'Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)

“My name is Daniel Henry and I represent the company Daniel Henry Studio, specialized in ennobling and printing for textiles. We are located in Tournay, Belgium and have worked there for 14 years.

I am going to prevent this year’s new creation which we have named “Weavy Lace.” It is a lace produced by manipulating a simple canvas. We create an openwork by combining a print and a manual manipulation. The main objective of this studio is to bring evolutions to the staples of the wardrobe, whether male or female. Like, from canvas toile which could not be more anonymous, we seek to ennoble and bring something exceptional. The technique begins with the fabric and then its printing and manipulation. The manipulation allows us to displace some threads and create an openwork. Printing is then used to define the shape of the openwork.”