Côme Touvay, textile designer

Centred on the idea of exploration and the crossover of techniques, styles and cultures, the Parisian workshop Côme Touvay is a place of textile research where specific materials are made “to measure”. Innovative or classic, structured or unstructured, unique pieces, short length pieces, inspiring materials, mini textiles…
recherche, courtesy Côme Touvay
Everything is made by hand on a sample loom which allows for widths of up to 45cm. As the textile designer specifies: this weaving technique is based on a custom and knowledge of simple or shaped cloths which are as hand-crafted as they are industrial. It allows the company to work on various projects for fashion, design and decoration: to approach different ways of working with stylists and high quality designers.
The experience, the exchange and the relationship with the clients are the essential elements. Each design is the result of a personalised discussion. The fabric begins to take shape once there is a desire, an image, a thread. It translates a story.
In September 2011, Côme Touvay, participated in Maison d’Exceptions, the section of the Première Vision fair dedicated to high class creations.