Clarisse Reille, general director of DEFI, at the Maison d'Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)
“There is a whole part of this industry that’s very uniform, very commonplace, but all the same what’s marvelous in this sector is creation, emotion, the way it elicits these things. For me, savoir-faire is what is more authentic in this sector, it’s the thing that transmits emotion. I am completely convinced that creativity comes not only from style but also from the subtle exchange between human beings: those who create with their hands and those who design. When we see everything that is so beautiful at this Maison d’Exceptions, even for me who is not a creator, there are so many emotions that well up from deep inside, so for me this is absolutely essential. This means that losing this craftsmanship would set us back very far, it would really be the loss of a cornerstone of true civilization.”