Chantal Thomass, Fashion Designer, at the Maison d’Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)

“I absolutely love what has been made in the past. Conserving it, still knowing how to make it and mix it, as it is done here, in a way that is at once ancestral and contemporary and includes all types of new technology; I find this very interesting. In addition, it is done in a creative way. There is a spirit of creation: it takes something and uses traditional techniques and, conversely, completely contemporary techniques. Everything is mixed in order to offer something highly creative. And this is interesting.

I love the workshops. I am a collector. At home, I have tons of old ribbons, old embellishments, old magazines: I don’t even know where to store it all! I love well-made things. I am infatuated by what is well done and cannot ever be reproduced. This still is made today. What I like is the frilly side of things, the flighty… and corsetry. 

I have worked with Atelier Caraco for several years. We have made lingerie, special models for runway shows and charity auctions. For example, a Tinkerbell piece for a Disney charity auction. Whenever I can work for them, I do so with great pleasure. They make magnificent things. From couture dresses to extraordinary theatrical costuming. I really love it!”