Cemia Rich, The Art of Woven Paper

Since 1976, the key component of Japanese workshop Cemia Rich has been traditional Kyoto paper. Various papers, both solid and printed, in subtle and delicate shades, are cut into fine millimeter-thin strips and woven together on handlooms.
The interleaving of these paper bands with cotton fibers produces a large range of durable fabrics with unique textures – from fine and crisp to soft-washed and fulled, giving a soft, buoyant quality.
From the manufacture of the paper itself to the dyeing of the fibers and threads, Cemia Rich orchestrates the vast majority of the fabrication of this singular fabric in-house.
From February 7-9 February 2017, Cemia Rich participates for the first time in Maison d’Exceptions, the space at Première Vision Paris dedicated to haute création.