Cédric Courtin, Atelier Courtin, at the Maison d'Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)

“My name is Cédric Courtin and I moved to India 10 years ago to research a variety of specialized artisanal techniques. I launched Atelier Courtin five years ago in response to the disappearance and poor organization of several crafts. I try to create links between these types of artisanship and luxury houses, so that they may be used on a larger scale.

I hope that this passion for this country can be shared. I would also like to be sure that Indians can themselves lead similar initiatives and projects. I am delighted and surprised to see so many industrialists making enormous efforts to preserve the work and well-being of artisans. It is a hopeful note amidst so many French heritages that have been lost and are now being recovered bit by bit. I hope that in India, we will not have to disappear to experience a rebirth.”