Carina Sohl, à fleur de peau

Inspired by the everyday treasures of nature, Carina Sohl has crossed the countryside of her native Sweden since 2006, carefully gathering flowers, plants and herbs to bring her work to life. Leather, an organic material, serves as the base for her hand-stamping technique.



She developed this quasi-botanic, quasi-artisan technique in her own workshop, where she conceives a composition according to her own whims or those of a client and imprints them via leather hotstamping. It is a poetic printing that evokes the cycles of nature, as the natural elements needed for the process are effectively destroyed during the stamping and leave in their wake a new form that bears their resemblance.




From February 16-18, 2016, Carina Sohl participates in Maison d’Exceptions, the space at Première Vision dedicated to haute création.

Photo Credits: Carina Sohl