Brigitte Bonnave, Atelier Brïdge, at the Maison d'Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)
“I blow the glass by blowpipe, flame, breath and manipulate it by hand. When the glass reaches 1200°C, I shape, knead, crumple, bend, twist, inhale, exhale and blow it. My raw materials are borosilicated glass tubes and logs which are lead-free and so very interesting for luxury and fashion.
When the glass piece is over, I process it: nacre, iridescence, sandblasting and so the precious metals (gold and platinum) inclusion technique I have worked on. I am passionate about research: shapes, materials, texture effects and everything related to the discovery of inclusion techniques (warm or cold).
I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a way to include precious metals in glass. Actually, it is a match between the wettability of the precious metal and something I can’t tell you because it is my secret, and then the stepwise rise in temperature in the oven. Gold and platinum start to turn at 400°C.”