Bernotat & Co, the 3rd dimension of design

When the Dutch designer Anke Bernotat sought inspiration for a new project, she looked at the complex structures of underwater organisms. The multifaceted, symmetrical bodies were structured as an ingeniously organized collection of tiny cells, each contributing to the functionality of the whole. Bernotat & Co Studio, owned by Anke Bernotat and her partner Jan Jacob Borstlap, found inspiration in the works of Haeckel Ersnt, a german biologist who explored the microorganisms of the underwater world. When Bernotat wanted to translate the micro-organism into a lightning body, she used special printing techniques to create a knitted lamp that has a glow in the dark effect.
In their installation Mikro/Makrokosmos at the Ventura Lambrate zone in Milan, the Bernotat & Co studio created an inspirational room where the collection of lightning bodies called Radiolaria that float in the dark like fish underwater. The lamps were made following an innovative application of the 3D printing techniques that created the illusion of knitted textile. The interesting link between the world of nature and the realm of science becomes evident also in the designed lamps. The traditional textiles receive an innovative, scientific reinterpretation through the technology of 3D printing, which has the potential to change all that we know about textile producing. Printing, weaving and knitting combined to create lamps that seem imperfect, charming and intriguing. By returning to the traditional crafts of knitting and weaving, the designers found a way to give warmth and human touch to the minimalistic aesthetics of the 3D prints.
Textiles have always been an important part of their aesthetic world of Bernotat & Co. Their acclaimed Triennial chair features a variety of fabrics and textures as its main decoration. The Chair Wear, a series of unique woven covers for chairs, shifts the focus away from the chair itself towards the special textiles that cover it. The idea is that innovative textiles can bring new life to used furniture. Now, with Radiolaria, Bernotat Studio have given a new dimension to their textile creations, proposing novel techniques to connect natural forms and innovative textile-based materials.