Aurélie Lorriaux, Atelier Lorriaux, at the Maison d'Exceptions show

“Atelier Lorriaux is specialized in screen printing, also called serigraphy. We also master textile techniques such as dyeing, hand-painting or cutting and work on reliefs.
Our expertise in textile helped us develop machines that are able to cut the thinnest fabrics or leathers by numerical control, without using laser cutting which tends to burn edges and thus lacks finesse.
It is when combining the work of the hand and of the machine that screen printing comes to life. Even though the final creation is machine-made, all the preparation steps are handmade. I love switching from one to another, doing research, finding technical solutions. I find know-how to be very creative, it always starts from an idea that you try to develop: sometimes the answer requires only the hand or the machine, sometimes both.”