Atelier Jean-Pierre Ollier, luxury transformed

The creativity and originality of the workshop is based on an ingenious combination of two distinct know-hows: on the one hand, treatments and transformations of the look of the fabric, through painting, bleaching, screen printing, coating, lacquering, computer graphics, etc. And on the other, fabric manipulations, including needle embroidery, weaving, braiding, elaboration of volumes, 3D effects and more.
The Parisian Atelier offers couture and luxury ready-to-wear houses a new approach to textile finishing, proposing a broad range of applications, ranging from an exceptional dress for the catwalk, to working in a smaller way on shoes.
From February 18-20, 2014, Atelier Jean-Pierre Ollier participates in Maison d’Exceptions, the space at Première Vision dedicated to haute création.