Anne Gelbard, textile designer at the Maison d'Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)
“My name is Anne Gelbard and one of my specialties is textile finishing. This is a somewhat generic term to talk about textile printing, but not only that. In fact, we are inspired by and work with all the basic techniques that transform fabric: as much by screen printing as by hand-painting or airbrushing and we mix, sublimate and transform all of the traditional techniques of textile printing. I came to this job simply because of the meeting between patterns, colors and fabrics. It was during my studies at the ENSAD in Paris, where I learned to work hands-on with color and texture, and it has never left me. To be present at a show like Maison d’Exceptions is reassuring, especially for our customers who know that we’re here, that we exist, that we continue. As we are not disturbed by anything that happens in the studio, anything in production, all that is being done, we are really focused on the dialogue. This is what this kind of show allows, which is great: we sit down, we meet people and we discuss.”