Andreea Mandrescu, Textile Relief

Romanian-born Andreea Mandrescu founded studio A.M., specialized in textile ornamentation. Working with the material and treating its surfaces are at the heart of this know-how: from designs and motifs, A.M. produces custom relief appliqués. Principally they are silicone-based but can also appear in faux-fur, leather and plating, which in turn may be encrusted with pearls, velvet or any number of other ornamentations.
This hybrid technique has given birth to textile creations across domains, from interior design (upholstery, home fabrics) to fashion, where reliefs are adapted to each garment or even become independent accessories. The variety of designs and materials provides unending possibilities for combination for Andreea Mandrescu, who takes pleasure in producing samples that fastidiously reflect the imagination.
From February 16-18, 2016, Andreea Mandrescu participates in Maison d’Exceptions, the space at Première Vision dedicated to haute création.
Photo Credits: A.M.