Information regarding the Coronavirus

The exhibition will take place as planned. We are closely following developments related to the Coronavirus health situation. We are prepared to apply any measures advised by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as the French Health Ministry.

At the moment, the French Government’s health recommendations are identical to those for the seasonal flu: cough into elbows, use disposable tissues, wear a mask, wash hands frequently.  
Masks and alcohol-based antiseptic solutions will be available at the information points and in the Organisers’ headquarters  in all of the show’s halls.
This health situation has caused some of our Chinese exhibitors to face travel restrictions, and thus either be represented by their European agents or cancel their participation in the show. We have therefore optimized the show space, with Première Vision Overseas, initially located in Hall 2, now moved to Manufacturing in Hall 6. 

Here is the final list of Manufacturing Knitwear exhibitors =>