Spring Summer 19 : Orientating

Spring summer 19 opens with a marked taste for exploration.
Like a jiggling compass needle*, the ways ahead to building the season’s full power and right balances are delightfully winding, and rich in discoveries.

The reports emerging from Première Vision’s brain-stormings trace out the first directions for product and colour research. They play on a charming magnetism to guide us in charting the new transversal and specific horizons, issuing a powerful invitation to refinement.

Off the beaten track of immediacy, these analyses help us find our bearings in the often complex world of fashion. They anticipate change, delight in sometimes intoxicating upheavals and put forward enthusiastic hypotheses as to fashion developments at the heart of research.

Rich in imagination and optimistic realism, spring summer 19, aligned on a fluctuating axis, opens up to future decodings, to punctuate the season with keen insight in terms of coming colours, aspects, handles and decorations.

And keep a sharp eye out for special games of attraction between artificials and naturals, seductive magnetisms, amazing hybrids and fertile experiments.

* Anchored in the heritage of far-flung explorers, the compass traces its roots back to Asia. It indicates the cardinal points that include symbols, captivating illustrations, formidable creatures or notions of specific materials and colours. For example in China, they represent:

North: is the symbol of water, with Blues and Blacks.
East: symbolises wood, with Greens.
West: is the symbol of the sky, with white and metallic colours.
South: is the symbol of fire, with Reds.
Yellow represents balance and is also the colour of the Emperor.