Smooth Additions


Diving into the first taste of autumn winter 1819 with a special kind of generousness, and wholeheartedly determining that the path to a smooth future is found by adding up and multiplying sources and ideas.

Strata and layers overlap and intertwine, creating new three-dimensional narratives. Once worked in volume, the concepts and drawings dynamically transform our vision of reality. The act of folding, cutting and gluing takes on its full meaning. It awakens the idea of a hand working paper, like a hand working a garment, immediately inspiring those who love opening new perspectives, who love to create without narrowing the scope. By accreting know-hows, without overloading, without excess, one discovers how possible it is to embody both the past and the future, with a touching gentleness and poetry. In close complicity we observe the full depth of skill, mastery and virtuosity demanded by these intricate timeframes, textures and volumes. Abigail Reynolds’ artworks combine 2D and 3D elements so that the images fit together in a tranquil state, deftly worked with calm detachment.

Come explore and decode the Autumn Winter 1819 season with the help of two fashion seminars presented by Première Vision’s own dedicated teams.
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