Jovial sensations: a hair’s breadth away

When wintry chill sets in, autumn winter 1718 embraces its attraction for warm and jovial surfaces.


 In tousled fleeces, supple and brushed sheepskins, and airy mohairs that never seek to imitate, yarns float and are an invitation to comfort. Velvets, brushings and other micro “sandings” are a call to warm handles. Ultra-dense wool lace and guipure are light and protective, whispery breaths, an invitation to chic evenings without casting a chill. Even pumped-looking coat weights, fancy quiltings, and embossed jacquards are airy to say the least.

 Accessories, likewise, fully embrace slightly wild yarns. Embroideries are woolly and soft, attracting a caressing hand. And velvet flocking gives buttons, chains and snaps the cottony visuals of a snuggly and cosy winter.


 Leather also embraces its fur, but just for itself, on the inside, without exuberance, in a slightly pleasure-seeking and regressive way. Micro-abrasions lend a velvety touch to skins that are evenly supple and cuddlesome.


Plainly, the surfaces proposed for autumn winter 1718 wish us well. And offer us jovial handles for a cocoon-like comfort with a smart look.

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