Marco Marini, “sound painter”

“Une toile pour une toile”

Professional musician-drummer and composer Marco Marini has developed a musical composition work with a « textile musical instrument » created by the designer Maurin Donneaud, the fruit of more than 10 years of work.
At the CAC in Alfortville, southeast of Paris, in December, he presented “Agrigento”, a 20-minute performance, using this concept, like an experimental concert.

Commissioned by the MuMa (Museum of Modern Art Andre Malraux) in Le Havre, the “painting” was inspired by a Nicolas de Staël painting (Agrigente, 1953) portraying a Sicilian landscape near Agrigento.

MKO Marini - MuMa-3OK

Marco Marini travelled there to collect sounds, and distributed them on different areas of the “painting”. He interprets them according to various modes of play. This sonorous “painting” on a textile interface—composed of two layers laced with silver threads that conduct electricity—offers us a unique and poetic electro-acoustic experience.

An incredible invention by a multidisciplinary musician, orienting his research toward the “Live Electronic” with new interfaces, building bridges between different artistic expressions.

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