Between macro motifs and maxi-precision, contemporary style is a matter of details at every level

dentelles_Mery(Picture : Dentelles Mery)
Macro motifs are full of meticulous details, as seen at Dentelles Mery (Fabrics, 5K1), which pushes the technical possibilities of Leavers lace to the very limit, in medium and large floral motifs whose finesse can only be matched by the very highest definition. Motifs inspired by the plant world also take lion’s share at Alexandra Taylor ( Designs, 5W80), where they ar developed on a very large scale in elegantly hand water-coloured versions. At Preciosa (Accessories, 4c39-4D40), a specialist in crystal gemstones, this quest for spacious detail is seen in engineered embroidery with hints of abstract motifs, unfurling like landscapes, enriched by sparkling gradations of tiny coloured gems.