Luminous Inspirations at Première Vision

Fascinating brilliance!

It’s all about a play of lights, opalescent transparency and brilliant iridescence. Fashion draws inspiration from lightness and dresses up in poetry and light, both literally and figuratively.

Materials reflect the leading edge of technology in light-conducting optic mesh fibers, as seen at the Japanese ribbon-maker Shindo. Flamboyant new developments composed essentially of modular and adaptive LEDs bring a dream-like touch to functional and fashionably applications.  
In this quest for inventiveness, the embroiderer Aspesi (IT), winner of the 2015 PV Awards Imagination Prize at the last Première Vision show in Paris, surprises with the development of an original guipure printed with reflective ink — technical prowess that borrows from couture codes and is highly seductive.

Dream-like plays of light increasingly appear on products with an immaterial feel and infinite shine. With each development, a new field of aesthetic possibilities opens up, placing this source of lyrical imagination at the center of Première Vision’s inspirations.
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Optical fiber Mesh Tape (Resend)

IMG_0686POF Knit

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