Art Brut: endless inspiration

The irresistible Galerie Christian Berst

To remain at the heart of inspiration, Première Vision surrounds itself with many creative partners,
including the Galerie Christian Berst, a Parisian art space dedicated to Art Brut.
And this lively and cosmopolitan space reaches beyond its walls, by frequently organising conferences and screenings at international art fairs.
In 2014 the gallery opened a new space in New York.
The gallery represents major Art Brut artists such as Henry Darger, Eugène Gabritschevsky, Raphaël Ionné, Adolf Wölflib…
but also introduces works by less familiar contemporary artists such as Carlo Zinelli, Dan Miller, Lubos Plny, Alessandro Garcia…
The choice of New York City  –  “the intersection of cultures and an incomparable home away from home to begin a new dialogue” –
shows how Art Brut and its multiple expressions captivate and stimulate artists from all over the world.
Each artist is a surprise, opening a new perspective in aesthetics.
The Gallery’s cutting-edge selections are always a source of exact and unique iconography.

JoseJohann_SeinenSEI013  ©CarloZinelli_galChristianBerst