Celebrating foliage for Autumn Winter 1617

A first look at decoration

Autumn Winter 1617 looks to be fertile and generous.
Offsetting classic blooms, foliage and greens take to prints at Première Vision Fabrics and are richly illustrated at Première Vision Designs.

Between colourways and cuts, stampings and illustrations, techniques are blended into an assembly of overlapping shapes to the point of saturation, with fabrics enlivened by multi-coloured patterns and rich, expressive textures.

Evanescent, lightly sketched or gathered together in all transparency, leaves are expressed finely, revealing plays on veinings and accumulations; a rough draft of nature, enlarged and revealed by plant markings in the manner of an idealised engraving.
This winter season looks to have a strongly vegetal vein.

See it at Première Vision Paris next September.