Discovering the landscapes of Alice Quaresma

As simple as the sky and the sea, poetic and delicate, the work of artist Alice Quaresma resonates particularly well this season.

She takes us on an optimistic journey to discover her sensory landscapes.

With precise gestures and fine geometry, she blurs perceptions for our pleasure and enjoyment. By creating pleasant spaces in the foreground of distant horizons, she opens the doors to new ways of exploring what we think we already know. A landscape already observed (with all its parts seen one after another) has to be looked at again, to detect its full subtleties.

Simply adding a touch of colour can magnify the most neutral of natural scenes, and expose a multiplicity of possibilities.

Her photographs make room for both rigour and freedom, calling us to exercise our minds like a painter who contemplates his subject, to change our point of view, and take a softer look at things.

They also perfectly echo the season’s new visual image, by artist Daesung Lee. With constant attention and a perpetually open mind, any creation can become fertile!


Alice Quaresma