Digital trip

When the cloud becomes reality, becomes tangible, becomes fabric!

It’s as if all eyes were fixed on the insides of a smartphone, or the inner workings of a motherboard.

Warp yarns express the interface and wiring of this virtual world, materialised by new wefts. Combinations are exponential. They create magnetic clouds and free electron dust circulating with dynamic motion.

This Big Data geometry is manifested in volume, and feeds on digital and ethnic glitches. Patterns evoke circuits forming crossings and connections expressed in jacquards, embroideries and prints, to better envelop and shape the body. The virtual world draws on this energy to reconnect to reality, reminding us of the original meaning of the digital universe: to lead us to a tactile experience.






Come explore and decode the Autumn Winter 1819 season with the help of two fashion seminars presented by Première Vision’s own dedicated teams.
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