AW 1819 Cloud of Fashion

The Cloud of Fashion invites us to plunge into its forward-looking vision, a decisive key to your success. It is part of our commitment and our passion to anticipate the changes and evolutions in the ever-shifting threads of each new season.

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The influences and proposals we share with you, whether for textiles, leathers, decoration and components, emerge from our close ties and our innovative collaborations with a network of industry professionals and expert partners in each of these sectors.

For autumn winter 18/19, the information elaborated encourages fashion to take creative risks, to claim its rightful place as a decisive player, a medium that manages not only to further the dream, but the results as well.

The fashion industry has the enormous advantage of being able to bridge real life and the realm of imagination, the realm of dreams.

And this season, its faculty for invention will be powerfully inscribed in reality, free of any taboo, in an amazing spirit of openness. It will even open its arms to absurdity as a creative option, fantasy as a formidable means of differentiation, and colour as an essential tool.

Come explore and decode the Autumn Winter 1819 season =>