Autumn-Winter 18/19 focuses on profusion

Today from the fashion team: profusion will be one of the new season’s major concepts…

500px Photo ID: 54952580 - This is a reworking of my image "The Grid", taken inside a courtyard of a large housing estate in Hong Kong.   Follow my latest updates on:   Facebook  |    Google+  |   Instagram  |     Twitter

Abundance and immoderation.Excess and proliferation. Exuberance and superabundance.

Recognizing profusion, naming it, understanding the flux we live in allows us to sharpen our senses, awaken our curiosity and find new ideas, everywhere and all the time.

At times dizzying or amazing, it fires our neurons, arouses our wants and desires, and generously nourishes us.

Combined with speed, it teaches us the art of choosing with accuracy and precision, inciting us to find the right rhythm, to lead the way to new models and pertinent commitments.

In real life and in the digital world that we cherish so much, let’s look on this profusion as an asset of absolutely positive change.