Artist Bruno Gadenne’s work in link with AW 20/21

An artist’s nocturnal forests set a decorative scene for autumn-winter 2020-21

A young French artist born in 1990 and trained at the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin, Bruno Gadenne paints landscapes inspired by his travels as a solo adventurer. We couldn’t miss the chance to introduce you to his enigmatic and enchanting forests, which perfectly illustrate our “Dreamy Depths” theme for autumn-winter 2020-21.

This season, fashion is like a screen to project our dreams onto. Decoration is richly expressive: we want to melt into it, immerse ourselves in it, to find protection and escape, to recharge and reinvent a life bursting with imagination. Nature plays an important role in this. Unreal, troubling in its obscure yet pigmented tonalities, it acquires a fantastical aura, as attractive as it is disturbing. Lit by a lunar light, recoloured or solarized, plant motifs take on a living presence. Nature in the wild, destined to mark the minds of designers, to spur the creation of shirts and dresses to envelop the body in mystery.

Bruno Gadenne possesses a taste for this underlying, invisible but palpable danger, in wild territories teeming with vegetation, untouched by human presence.

Whether the jungles of Indonesia or Malaysia, his journeys lead him to locations that are extremely powerful in their unbridled beauty, their scale, the sensations they trigger in those discovering them for the first time. Landscapes are viewed during the day, subjected to his artistic experiments, and later reworked in his workshop in a nocturnal palette sprung wholly from his mind. The markers of time and space disappear, giving rise to a contemplative universe that captivates the eye and captures attention. Gradually, the lush details embedded in the palimpsest of dark glazes become apparent: clearly, the artist has earned them through his gentle absorption in them.

For the artist, nature represents an escape from civilisation, a refuge, a way out. This idea has been rooted in him since childhood, playing or reading in his favourite tree top, cutting himself off from the lives of others, from the race of time, from obligations. For all those who have experienced his extraordinary and curiously disturbing works, they’re a journey into new horizons, effortlessly vast, an elsewhere to nurture within ourselves.


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