A season to live La Vie en Rose

Feeling in the pink!

In summer, at daybreak, the horizon is pink. At dusk, the clouds turn rosy too. In between there’s time for flowers, candy, strawberry milk, pink hams, grenadine, girly dresses, chilled rosé, the Pink Panther, make-up, raspberry macaroons…Seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses at any time of day will be a snap in spring summer 16, thanks to the collections presented at Première Vision Paris.

In leather, the pinks are cheery, even exuberant. Skins borrow their warm nuances from exotic florals and tropical birds. Pinks that are sometimes purplish, fresh pinks, and velvety or silky Indian pinks with a hint of Bollywood. To be mixed with sweet orange-ish tones, lacquered blacks or bright reds.

In accessories, pinks are friendly, playful, even teasing. Buttons play ‘Candy Crunch’, as tasty as boiled sweets or bubble-gum. Pearly tones disclose floral vibrations and transparencies take on grenadine reflections. They can be stealthy and play hide-and-seek, to be watered down in shot transparencies. Everything pink looks nice and sweet, even fasteners, hooks and chains.

In fabrics, pink is transformed, freely deploying all its charms. From pinks that are almost serious and very masculine in shirtings to resolutely feminine pinks in sheer laces and floral embroidery. Pinks that are freshly nonchalant in jeanswear or terribly energetic in swimwear. In decoration, no pink elephants yet, but the season says yes to stripes, ice creams, little flowers and especially juicy pink fruit salads. So enjoy!

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