6 exhibitors views on lightness

Lightness follows the body to attain balance and harmony. How to infuse air into materials?


Our collection of mesh blazers are light in both their weaves and in how you experience the garment. This collection of airy and sophisticated fabrics is right in line with the history of Clissold, which has just celebrated its 180th anniversary.
Mesh weave is a new 100% wool double-weave fabric. It has many virtues: despite its weight (280 g), it breathes and expresses several shades of colour, all without wrinkling. It doesn’t matter if you ball it up: it will find its perfect drape again. This is easy-to-wear luxury. It’s destined to become an essential part of our company.”

Nicolas Guilbaud, Clissold,
Fabrics, 6P14


For me, lightness is a search for the essential, with a minimum of colors
and a minimum of graphics needed to create a feeling of joy. Iconics turn into sleek, playful fabrics – a canvas for the imagination. The lightness of animal, plant or abstract subjects flourishes thanks to a highlighted background. More than pattern, I explore the shapes and harmonies of colors and the balance between motifs and fabric grounds.”

Briagell Perret, Designs, 5V81


We are showing an aluminum, featherweight zip in large widths, which meets the needs of the leather goods and luggage markets. Another novelty is a plastic injected zip, the slim Vislon. Its very fine mesh marries to the shape of delicate fabrics for new textile explorations. Today, customers are gaining a high quality perception of a product with no weight. Lightness, quality and luxury go hand in hand. The market is ripe for it.”

 Christelle Malot, YKK,
Accessories, 4D37- 4E36


Our clients insist on fairly light fluid cuts. I think it’s a time for refined purity decorated with couture details and plays on transparencies, like pleated, beaded, embroidered or lace-encrusted silk voiles. Lightness that is deliberately precious.

Jacques Larroye, Trebien / Labentex, Manufacturing, 6X21


The lightness of our natural lambskins  is expressed as much by a minimum weight of 0.3 (30 grams) as by airy prints in pastel colours. We sought to reproduce the density of a scarf. That’s where we got the effect of a floating texture, ideal for fashioning blouses. But it is a resistant lightness: the skin does not tear.”

Serena Priore, Pellican,
Leather, 3E41


In our products, the nature of the air impacts the density of the textile. Our new fibre, Ventcool, reacts to the surrounding humidity. The fibre expands or shrinks, either to protect, or to promote the fabric’s breathing and drying.”

Atsushi Itsumi, Mitsubishi Rayon,
Yarns, 6D54