Enchanting designs by Sarah Corynen !

This Belgian designer won us over with her colourfully singular creations. Her work juggles intuitive choices of colour and shape in intelligently crafted arrangements, featuring generously drawn lines and a touch of humor.

One by one in her skilful, hand-drawn gouache designs, Sarah Corynen paints graphic shapes – rings, rectangles, semi-circles, dotted lines  – creating flat-tinted shapes with subtly irregular borders, each unique in spite of their apparent simplicity.

She then combines the shapes in playful, powerful compositions, and the entire message, of course, is strongly influenced by her choice of colours.

Whether the elements are disparate and not connected on the sheet of paper, or whether the space is composed by interconnections of these motifs, her drawings are always permeated with a light-hearted feeling, and a very seductive playfulness. A unique style, process and universe that are a joy to discover!